I am always thinking about ways to make high-quality services more accessible to students who really need them. So I am especially happy to introduce a new partnership with Noodle Pros! Noodle Pros are very experienced tutors in everything from the SAT/ACT to AP Exams and SAT Subject Tests. While I will continue to do college and academic advisement and support, our partnership will provide high quality test preparation in formats and at prices that are accessible to all of our clients. That is most important to me.

To kick off our partnership, we are hosting a practice SAT with scoring and analysis on February 27, 2016.

• For students currently preparing for the March SAT, this provides a great opportunity to see a final analysis with last-minute tips, and one last practice before the big day.

• For students preparing for the May and June SATs (and ACTs), this is an opportunity to know precisely where to direct your studies in the next few months. You can also talk directly with one of the tutors to discuss your analysis.

• For students preparing for the October PSAT, we would administer a PSAT (slightly different from the practice SAT). This is a perfect way to set up your summer study schedules. You can also discuss your analysis with one of the tutors.

Depending on need, I will host group study sessions so it is important to let me know if you are interested in this service, even if you cannot take the practice SAT on February 27. Just contact me.

If you have not signed up with Vielka Hoy Consulting yet, and are in the Class of 2017, complete the application here. Otherwise, contact me to learn how to apply.

If you intend to take the practice SAT on February 27, 2016, register here. I’ll send more information about location (most likely in the East Bay) soon.

I’m really excited for this collaboration and all of the great possibilities it will bring.