It’s that time of year again! Here are the steps I take to get my clients admitted into their top-choice college year after year. Remember, I have three goals for clients: graduate from college, in four years, with as little debt as possible. In that process, I also fulfill my other objective: creating a better student, not just a better applicant.

10. Create your timeline.

Statistically students have way better odds of getting into college when they apply by October rather than the January deadline. This is mostly due to the fact that way fewer students apply to schools early and therefore readers have more time with each application. This means that your narratives matter (personal statements and letters of recommendation) so you want to give the admissions folks time to actually read them.

So create a calendar that works backwards from October of your senior year. This has a huge impact on when you take placement exams and what classes you sort of put of for your senior year. Also keep in mind that if you didn’t know already, this dispels the myth that your freshman year doesn’t count. You are basically submitting an application that includes 9, 10, and 11 grades to fulfill most requirements with the understanding that you may have to prove that nothing catastrophic happened during your senior year.

Looking for help on how to do this? Attend my workshop on May 28! Register here and contact me if you would like to participate virtually.