I wouldn’t normally do this, but I wanted to share a thank-you I received from a family. Part of the reason is because, as educators, we are not appreciated often. It makes it feel like we are working in a vacuum and in the age of Yelp where people are ready to provide negative feedback only, it can feel like educators are just constantly ruining everyone’s life. Yes, a bit dramatic. But imagine how it feels to only hear when things are going bad.

The second reason I wanted to share this is that there are a number of intangible things she described that I do, things that motivate me to do this work, that I didn’t know were recognizable. Where I struggle sometimes is that as a business, it is difficult to put a price tag on these things. But I do expect a lot from my clients, and I push and push until they believe what I believe to be true about them in the first place. Once that happens, putting in the extra time to revise an essay, or looking at a school one would have never imagined, or advocating for oneself, because immensely easier. Convincing them that they are worth the best is ultimately the key to all of it.

Dear Ms. Hoy,

I saw this article and thought of you: David Geurin’s “Ten Things Every Educator Should Say More Often.” I cannot tell you how much we appreciate all of the kindness you have shown our son, as well as all of the time, help and guidance that you have given him while helping him navigate the college application process. You have been by his side encouraging him to reach for the stars and patiently listening to him as he asked you countless questions and expressed his fears and concerns to you. You believed in him. You didn’t give up on him and were always there to help.

Thank you so very much for all you have done! You are AWESOME and AMAZING!!

Her son is headed to UC Berkeley in the fall to study Physics.