Complete your essays.

Students leave most parts of their applications for the last minute. And the absolute worst thing to leave for the last minute is your essay. Ideally you will have a good number of edits, drafts, and pairs of eyes look at your essay. You also want to give yourself time and space to write something without pressure.

The personal statement demonstrates many things:

1) Your passion;
2) Your writing ability (important regardless of your intended major);
3) Your personality; and
4) Your knowledge of the school.

All of the above are important components of your application and the personal statement is really the only opportunity that you have to do this.

Don’t underestimate the importance of these essays. Do the research about the school before you write the school-specific essays. And be honest about who you are.

We have a great personal statement workshop planned for my workshop on May 28. And there is still time to register. Hope to see you there!